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AxCrypt 2 - Password Protect Files With Strong Encryption Version 2

AxCrypt has been around since about 2000, and continually updated since then in version 1.x . Now it is time for a comletely rewritten version 2.x.

AxCrypt 2 Main View

Check out our instructional video! Follow the instructions in the video and try it out, but remember - this is a preview of the next version, use with care!

AxCrypt 2 Compatibility with 1.x

AxCrypt 2 will always be able to decrypt and open files encrypted with 1.x.

New files encrypted with 2 will not be possible to open with 1.x software.

Old 1.x files opened and automatically re-encrypted with 2 will remain compatible with 1.x, at least for now.

AxCrypt 2 Concepts

AxCrypt 2 operates from a single main window, where you can encrypt, decrypt and open encrypted files. Files are automatically re-encrypted when possible, when it's not possible they are kept track of so they can be re-encrypted later, but as soon as it possible.

When you use the full installer, AxCrypt 2 also integrates with Explorer to support right-click under the 'AxCrypt' menu and double-click operations to immediately open documents.