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Download AxCrypt and install as instructed by the standard installation wizard provided, step by step instructions follows below. Start by selecting your preferred language, and continue to the end.

If you are upgrading a previous version you may need to restart Windows, and you will not be asked for the installation location - it will be upgraded in the same location.

You should verify that the download is undamaged and authentic by checking the digital signature. Right-click the downloaded file in Windows Explorer, and select 'Properties', and the the 'Digital Signatures' tab.

AxCrypt Properties Digital Signatures tab

Then select the digital signature and click 'Details'. Ensure that the digital signature is shown as 'OK' and that the signer is 'Axantum Software AB'.

AxCrypt Digital Signature Details

Please provide your e-mail upon installation to get product and/or security updates. No other information than program name, version, preference and e-mail is sent or stored. You can change your preference at any time using the Start-menu choice "Axantum AxCrypt | My Registration Account".

Please report bugs and comments to me. You're welcome to request support as well. For other issues, please send me e-mail.

System Requirements

It's designed to run on Windows 2003/XP/Vista/2008/7/8. Older versions ran on Windows 95, 98 and ME, NT and 2000, but since Microsoft has dropped all support for it and AxCrypt required features from Windows XP and higher, AxCrypt also dropped support for for these versions during 2008. Version 1.7.2126 is the last version to support Windows 2000. Version 1.6.3 is the last version to support 98/ME/NT.

Detailed Installation Description

The installation proceeds in a number of steps, as detailed below.

Verify the download and allow elevation

Windows supports automatic verification of digital signatures of executables downloaded from the Internet such as the AxCrypt installer.

The digital signature gives you some assurance, if properly verified, that the software is not infected with a virus or contains other hostile code.

AxCrypt is digitally signed by Axantum Software AB so you can ensure its authenticity.

User Account Control Popup

Approve the license agreement

AxCrypt is released under the GNU General Public License which gives you the right to do just about everything, free of charge, except charge money for it and use the source code and releasing under a different license. If you're interested in other licensing agreements - please contact me!

You may be offered additional software. You can decline any offers, but please accept both agreements. See here for more information, and ways to complete avoid the optional offers.

Accept the GNU General Public License

Accept or Decline any optional offer that appear

The following screen is a sample screen, your actual screen may differ or not appear at all.

Click ‘Install’ after selecting either to accept or not to want to install the offer.

Optional Addition Software Offer

Complete the installation

Click 'Finish' to complete the installation.

Installation Completed Screen


We'll provide you with notifications of updates if you request it. There is absolutely no requirement to do so.

Please - even if you don't want to sign up, just leave the e-mail field empty, don't enter a dummy or fake address.

Please register


That was it. It's all installed and ready to use. See the introduction, features and how to use for details on usage. There is no further configuration or setup, it's all ready to use from the right-click context menu of Windows Explorer.

If you're interested in further discussions about security, usage tips and advanced command line switches and registry settings just follow the links. There is also a section with frequently asked questions, check that first when you're wondering about something.

Properly used, you now have extended your Windows capabilities with privacy and integrity.