More Downloads

Here are some more downloads including legacy versions, preview and beta versions as well as documentation and some other software that may be of interest. If you're a developer there's also a Source Code download page.

Beta and Legacy Downloads

OS Type Download Description Type
32-bit AxCrypt- AxCrypt 1.x Very Old Full Setup

Documents Downloads

Download Description Type
AxCrypt-Manual.pdf Legacy User Guide Pdf
About-AES.pdf Encryption White Paper Pdf

About the Downloads

AxCrypt Setup

The legacy Setup .exe is only available for older 32-bit versions of Windows 95/98/ME/2000 . Do not install on current versions of Windows.


An article describing what AES-encryption is about for a general audience, Acrobat Reader required.

Additional downloads


Quick Installation and Usage Guide, Acrobat Reader required.
Guía Rápida de Instalación, El Acrobat Reader requirió. (Contribuido por Ricardo S)
Guide d'installation et de prise en main rapide, Acrobat Reader requis. (Contributor wishes to be anonymous)

Technology and Information

A white paper describing the implementation and tools for building cryptographically strong software licensing codes and schemes based on shortened elliptic curve signatures. Acrobat Reader required

A really, really, fast command line program for MD5 checksumming and huge file copying

This has little to do with AxCrypt, but it's fairly useful - and can be used to check the MD5 checksums provided for software distributions. But more interestingly, it implements a very, very fast file copier specifically optimized for RAID and SAN environments where there are many active disks making up a single logical volume. It uses asynchronous I/O to schedule the number of simultaneous requests that you specify, using the buffer size that you specify. With correct parameters it can speed up file copying speed in such environments significantly compared to drag and drop in Windows or COPY or XCOPY. As an extra bonus the MD5 checksum can be calculated on the fly, and optionally used to verify the file actually written to the destination.

To make it easy to use, the same program comes in three flavors, depending which name is used to invoke it. So the three versions below are the exact same binary executable, but the name determines the operating mode and default options selected.

These are command line utilities, just type the program name to find out the full set of options available.

The full source code, in a single C++ source file for Visual Studio.
Defaults to copy files very quickly, optionally calculating MD5 and optionally verifying the copy
Defaults to calculate the MD5 of a single file with no copying done
Defaults to just display the MD5 of one or more files