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About SourceForge

AxCrypt is hosted on the SourceForge web-site. SourceForge is host to 10's of thousands of projects and 100's of thousands of developers. For more information on SourceForge and to sign up for a user-id to their main site.

SourceForge supports various aspects of software development and project management, and AxCrypt relies on many of these for effective management.

If possible, please use the provided links to the various SourceForge pages to report bugs, ask for features, download specific versions or betas of AxCrypt, download source code etc.

SourceForge has its own appearance as you will note when you click one of the links. It's always a good idea to get a user-id on SourceForge, it costs nothing and simplifies communication.

Our intention is to manage and develop AxCrypt in a professional way, but to improve it and correct errors you must contact us! Please tell us of problems or wishes for features - or why not just your opinion, good or bad. We need your feedback to improve AxCrypt!

If you really don't like the SourceForge interface, you're of course always welcome to send mail.