The official AxCrypt web site has moved.

Axantum Software AB is privately incorporated since 2004 in Sweden. Founder is Svante Seleborg.

Since May 2016, when AxCrypt 2.1 was released, all support and development of the AxCrypt software and the Online Password Manager has been transferred to a separate company, AxCrypt AB. Svante is a co-founder there too.

Svante is still at times available for consulting services and contracting within the fields of advanced .NET development, security, performance and troubleshooting.

Axantum Software AB
Dalgången 1
SE-177 60 Järfälla
+46 (70) 582 28 61
E-mail for AxCrypt
E-mail for other queries to me personally

Legacy AxCrypt 1.x

Axantum still hosts the original AxCrypt 1.x software at this site, but it is essentially unmaintained. You should probably be using AxCrypt 2.x.

Curriculum Vitae


For press and media, there are photos of Svante Seleborg available for download that may be used for purposes such as interviews and illustrations.

Svante Seleborg cut High Resolution Low Resolution

Svante Seleborg uncut High Resolution Low Resolution