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For Developers

All downloads are available at the downloads page.


AxCrypt is available with full source code on sourceforge, as is other parts of software used and distributed on this site.

If you'd like to use AxCrypt from a script, AxCrypt can be called from the command line. In fact that is how the right-click integration is implemented - as a shell extension calling the command line. Xecrets can be called over the web via a REST API.

We'll try to give support on our API's and code within reason, but we do expect that you are an experienced developer in whatever tools you are using. We can't help you with general questions about development or the environment required.


The C# source code for Xecrets2Go is provided so that any developer can use it as a starting point to provide value-added software to Xecrets, as well as to provide full disclosure of the encryption employed and thus enable full peer review and searches for vulnerabilities.

It might also serve as a tutorial and reference to using the .NET Framework System.Security.Cryptography.Xml classes.

The encryption and decryption code is exactly identical to what is employed on the server. We are convinced that full and open disclosure is the best way to build trust and ensure the safety of your data on our servers, or your own computer.

Please note that this is primarily a reference implementation, and does not implement any extreme measures to keep decrypted data from being exposed via the page file for example.

If you find any problems, bugs or vulnerabilities in the code, please e-mail us immediately