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Your Account for Xecrets and AxCrypt

You can open an account to manage your passwords online with Xecrets and/or your preferences for update notifications of AxCrypt. One account, two functions.

AxCrypt is 100% free software. There is no requirement to have an account to use AxCrypt. But if you do, you'll receive an e-mail when there's a new version of AxCrypt available. You'll also get advertisement-free access to the site (although we still appreciate donations).

When you create an account you also get trial use of the Xecrets online password manager that will give you one password to all your passwords. Your passwords will be accessible via any web browser, and are stored in a secure encrypted archive on our servers.

If you find Xecrets useful to keep track of your passwords, there is a paid subscription available at a low yearly cost when the trial period is over. We'll be using the revenue to continue developing AxCrypt and other free software. We love free software - but it doesn't pay the rent by itself.