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Xecrets - Keep it Xecret, keep it Safe!

Are you tired of keeping track of your passwords? Manage your passwords online in the cloud with Xecrets, your online safety deposit for passwords etc.

Create an account now to get started, 16,052 others already have! If you're a registered AxCrypt user - just log on, your account includes Xecrets too.


Keep your secrets secret, for your eyes only. Xecrets online password manager is the vital companion to AxCrypt. Your passwords (or codes, pins, keys etc) are securely stored but available anywhere.

Your secrets are stored in a securely encrypted online archive. Several million AxCrypt users already entrust us to keep files safe - now we can help you with your passwords as well.

You can also import your existing passwords from Password Safe!

We never store your password to this site, which also indirectly serves as the encryption key for your secrets here, except briefly in memory during the time you are visiting.

Be an early adopter and try the beta version of the Xecrets Android App, at Android Market. Developers, look at the REST API.

Pricing and Details

If you find the Xecrets Online Password service useful, please get a paid subscription!

The Xecrets service always starts with a free for 90 day trial period.

When your free, or paid, period expires you will still always have indefinite free read-only access to your information.

The price is exclusive of VAT, since it depends on your country of origin. If applicable, VAT will be added and displayed before the final payment confirmation.

You can store up to 1,000 records in your account.