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About Xecrets Reliability

Your data must not only be secure from prying eyes - you must have access to it at all times, even in the face of various disasters. We try very hard to ensure that your data is always available, as long as you recall the password.

It is also secure to store your data here.

Warm Standby Server

Your data is stored on two identically configured servers in two different physical locations with different Internet providers. They are automatically kept synchronized, so the standby server is always ready to take over. Should the primary server fail for whatever reason, fail-over to the second server will complete within approximately 15 minutes.

Mirror disks

Both of the servers are operating with dual disks mirroring all data. Should one hard disk fail, the other will take over with no interruption in service, and no loss of data.


In addition to the warm standby server, data is backed up via a separate mechanism every day and stored off-site for additional safety.

Offline Windows Application

Finally, to ensure access to your data even in the face of the unlikely complete and final shutdown of the service, you can download all your data as a single XMLfile, and access it with a free and open source desktop Windows application.

Standards Compliant

To ensure long-term future availability, we're only using current and established standards for the encryption and storage, thus ensuring that the technology required to decrypt and access the data is available on many platforms, and for many years.