Main Downloads

When you are logged on, you have access to more downloads, including a Preview of AxCrypt 2.0! There are Legacy, Beta and Other downloads as well as Source Code downloads for developers.

AxCrypt 2.x Is Almost Here!

Learn about AxCrypt 2.x, the next leap in file encryption! If you just want the currently released version, download it below.

AxCrypt 1.x Current Downloads

AxCrypt is file encryption software running on your PC or device.

OS Type Download Description Type
32- or 64-bit AxCrypt-1.7.3156.0-Setup.exe AxCrypt 1.x Full Setup w/OpenCandy
32- or 64-bit AxCrypt2Go.exe AxCrypt 1.x Limited Portable
32- or 64-bit AxCrypt2Go-Setup.msi AxCrypt 1.x Limited Portable Setup
32- or 64-bit AxDecrypt.exe AxCrypt 1.x Limited Portable Decryption Only

The downloads may include advertisement offers for additional software to finance further development of AxCrypt via the OpenCandy network, or via Softonic Universal Downloader. You may decline OpenCandy offers by selecting the 'I do not accept' radio buttton at the offer screen, and Softonic offers by unchecking the checkbox. You must still accept license agreement in the first dialog. Please read more here.

Xecrets Downloads

Xecrets is an online cloud service to store your passwords online. These downloads are offline companion programs.

OS Type Download Description Type
Android 1.6+ XecretsDroidView-2678.apk Xecrets Password Manager Read-Only App
32- or 64-bit Xecrets2Go.exe Xecrets Password Manager Read-Only Portable

How To Verify a Download

The installers and executables are digitally signed with Authenticode by 'Axantum Software AB'. Verify the signature after downloading by right-clicking the file and select 'Properties | Digital Signatures'. Then double-click on the Axantum Software AB signature and confirm that 'This digital signature is OK' is shown.


AxCrypt2Go.exe is an install-free simple program allowing you to encrypt and decrypt on the road. The full version is still recommended for day-to-day use.


AxDecrypt.exe is an install-free, decrypt-only "viewer". If you just have a .axx-file and a passphrase, this is for you, but not AxCrypt installed.


DroidView is an Android app allowing access to Xecrets, the Online Password Manager. An account and Internet access is required.

The Xecrets Android App, DroidView, is available in Android Market. Use the download above only if your device does not have access to the market, and then follow your device-specific instructions to install apk apps.


Xecrets2Go.exe is the offline application for Xecrets. Requires .NET Framework 2.0. Download and save on your hard-disk, or perhaps a USB memory stick.

Xecrets is primarily an online service, but to provide off-line access as a complement, a simple application is provided that you can run in your PC without Internet connection to access your secrets in a read-only fashion.

Xecrets2Go is a stand-alone application that requires no installation. It can download your secrets from the Xecrets web site, and let you access them off-line.