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Source Code

Source code is available for most of our Software, including the various versions of AxCrypt as well as some reference code for Xecrets. There's more information for developers also.

Source Code Downloads

Download Description Type
axantum-axcrypt-net-*.zip 2.x C# Source Code Zip
Xecrets2Go-Source.zip C# Source Code Zip
AxCrypt-1.6.1-Doc.zip Algorithm Specifications Zip
AxCrypt-1.7.3180.0-Source.zip Old 1.x C++ Source Code Zip

About the Source Code Downloads

AxCrypt 2 C# Source Code

AxCrypt 2 C# Source Code is maintained in a public Mercurial Repository at Bitbucket .

If you're not familiar with Mercurial, don't worry. Just use the direct download link on the Bitbucket page and you'll get a simple zip-file with the full source code, ready to build with your choice of free or commercial development tools such as Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio. With Xamarin Studio you can also choose to develop AxCrypt in Windows, just about any Linux distribution and Mac OS X.

Using Mono and the various products from Xamarin with the Mono Framework being the key, it's now possible to leverage AxCrypt functionality into just about any kind of software or app in Windows, Android, Linux, OS X and iOS.

AxCrypt 1.x C++ Source Code

The full source code is distributed as a .zip archive. It can be built and developed entirely using free tools such as Visual Studio Express 2012 or later, MSBuild 4.0 and Windows Installer XML (WiX) Toolset 3.7 or later. Detailed instructions on how to setup required dependencies are included in 'HowToBuildAxCrypt.txt' in the .zip archive.


The reference source code for the Xecrets2Go implementation.

Doc.zip - Algorithm Specifications

A package of relevant RFC's, standards and AxCrypt documentation.