Legacy AxCrypt[1] 1.x is free for all to use in just about any way you want to, according to the General Public License, but it was not free to develop and distribute.

Donations are always appreciated, but they are neither required nor even expected. There is no obligation whatsoever to donate or in any other way pay for using legacy AxCrypt 1.x.

If you still would like to contribute you are of course welcome to do so.

You can use PayPal in the US and globally. You can also use a credit card via PayPal, without opening an account.

Donate whatever amount you feel is appropriate.

[1]AxCrypt is a trademark of AxCrypt AB. Axantum Software AB is no longer actively involved in AxCrypt AB or their products, and AxCrypt AB does not endorse Axantum Software AB or any of the products found here.