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The first version of AxCrypt[1] was released to the general public on the 19th of November 2001, as a pre-release beta.

On April 29, 2016, AxCrypt 2.x was released. This site is only about the previous version 1.x of AxCrypt.

As of version 1.7 and later, a new numbering scheme is in effect. Versions are now in the format Major.Minor.Build.Revision, which effectively means that minor changes are only reflected in the build number, and the revision will typically always be zero since it is only intended to reflect a re-build of the same code base. Version numbers are still strictly increasing, so version 1.7.1948 is later than 1.7.1878. The build number will normally be strictly increasing in it's own right, so when version 1.8 is relased, it may have a version number such as 1.8.3567 - i.e. the build number is a global version number.

Also starting with version 1.7, there are different setup packages for 32-bit and 64-bit environments, and the setup-files are named accordingly. The version number for a 32-bit release will be the same as the 64-bit release if they are built from the same set of sources. Starting with version 1.7, Windows 7 and 64-bit systems are fully supported.

It's designed to run on Windows 2003/XP/Vista/2008/7/8. Older versions ran on Windows 95, 98 and ME, NT and 2000, but since Microsoft has dropped all support for it and AxCrypt required features from Windows XP and higher, AxCrypt also dropped support for for these versions during 2008. Version 1.7.2126 is the last version to support Windows 2000. Version 1.6.3 is the last version to support 98/ME/NT.

Each AxCrypt release has a version number of up to four version levels. The major version is 1, and will remain so until a very large change in functionality is released. At the time of writing this, the current version number is The changes between versions are documented in the change long and release notes on where the code is hosted.

Version numbering is a strictly increasing sequence, a higher version number is always a later version.

Interim versions may use the character 'b' for Beta or 'c' for Candidate between the second and third digit, as in 1.5b2.2. This is thus interpreted as beta 2 of the upcoming version 1.5.3.

[1]AxCrypt is a trademark of AxCrypt AB. Axantum Software AB is no longer actively involved in AxCrypt AB or their products, and AxCrypt AB does not endorse Axantum Software AB or any of the products found here.