Source Code

Source code is available for Legacy AxCrypt[1] 1.x software and related.

Source Code Downloads

Download Description Type Current 1.x C++ Source Code Git Zip C# Source Code Zip Algorithm Specifications Zip Old 1.x C++ Source Code Zip

About the Source Code Downloads

Legacy AxCrypt 1.x C++ Source Code

The full source code is distributed as a .zip archive. It can be built and developed entirely using free tools such as Visual Studio Express 2019 or later. Detailed instructions on how to setup required dependencies are included in 'HowToBuildAxCrypt.txt' in the .zip archive.

The reference source code for the Xecrets2Go implementation. - Algorithm Specifications

A package of relevant RFC's, standards and AxCrypt documentation.

[1]AxCrypt is a trademark of AxCrypt AB. Axantum Software AB is no longer actively involved in AxCrypt AB or their products, and AxCrypt AB does not endorse Axantum Software AB or any of the products found here.