We respect your privacy - that is one of the main reasons why we made legacy AxCrypt[1] 1.x available, and we believe that you as one of our users are more concerned about this than the average computer user.

During installation of some older versions of legacy AxCrypt 1.x you are asked for an e-mail address and your notification preferences. You are welcome to decline, but please do not enter a dummy e-mail address, just leave the field blank instead.

Axantum does not store any data about you as a user. If you install some older versions of legacy AxCrypt 1.x, a registration will be made with AxCrypt AB for you. Please read the AxCrypt AB Privacy Policy.

We will store a single session cookie in your browser, you are welcome to block it and it is never stored permanently to your device. Partners such as advertisers may cause third party cookies to be set. We do not control these, and you may block them without affecting the site functionality.

Since Axantum Software AB does not store any information about you, GDPR regulations are not applicable.

[1]AxCrypt is a trademark of AxCrypt AB. Axantum Software AB is no longer actively involved in AxCrypt AB or their products, and AxCrypt AB does not endorse Axantum Software AB or any of the products found here.