Xecrets File Sdk

Xecrets File Sdk

The Xecrets.File.Sdk nuget package is the .NET software development kit that allows any developer to easily use Xecrets File Command Line [Beta] as a high level cryptographic library with a standard .NET API Interface, neatly wrapping the command line tool.

The SDK is a beta version, which means we may introduce breaking changes to the API without increasing the SDK API version appropriately, so please stay updated!

Vist our [Beta] information page if you're interested in applying to become a beta tester for Xecrets File Ez [Beta] or Xecrets File Command Line [Beta].


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The nuget SDK package. For developers who want to integrate encryption in their own .NET software. Install as any nuget package, and call as any library.

The Xecrets File Sdk

Xecrets.File.Sdk [Beta] is a nuget package presenting a .NET interface for call from any .NET software running on Linux, macOS and Windows.

Xecrets File Cli - The cryptographic command line tool

Xecrets File Command Line [Beta] is the component doing all actual cryptography, i.e. encryption and decryption. Please build or download it separately, the SDK depends on finding it and calling it for all the real work.


Please visit the Xecrets File Cli repository on github to view the documentation.

All public members of the API are also documented via XML comments and intellisense available once you have installed the nuget package.