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How to Use

AxCrypt does not work by starting a separate program, instead it's fully integrated into the Windows Explorer - the part of Windows where you browse your folders and files.

Always start by selecting one or more files or folders that you'd like to operate on. Some operations are not applied to specific files or folders, but you still need to right-click something to bring up the AxCrypt menu.

To open files for viewing or editing, just double-click them as you normally would.

AxCrypt is integrated into Windows Explorer

You may always right-click files and folders in Windows Explorer, bringing up the context menu. This is where AxCrypt is invoked, from its own sub-menu.

The context menu is named after the intention to vary the options depending on the context where it's shown, AxCrypt follows this convention thus varying the available options depending on the context. If you're not seeing an operation, it's likely because it's not meaningful in that context, for example you will not see the decrypt option when right-clicking a file that is not encrypted since that would not make sense.

The AxCrypt menu

Invoke the context menu from the Windows Explorer by selecting one or more files or folders and do Right-Click | AxCrypt.

Use AxCrypt from the right-click menu

The Start menu

There are also some operations available from the program Start-menu, under the Axantum AxCrypt heading.

More is available in the Start-menu