AxCrypt 2 Downloads

New files encrypted with AxCrypt 2 are not compatible with legacy AxCrypt 1.x! Files originally encrypted with legacy AxCrypt 1.x are decryptable by AxCrypt 2.

OS Type Download Description Type
32- or 64-bit AxCrypt-2.1.1585.0-Setup.exe AxCrypt 2 Full Setup

Legacy AxCrypt Downloads

These are old, outdated, obsolete, legacy downloads. The current downloads are availabe above or at the new site. You should not download and use version 1.x unless you have a specific reason to do so. It is no longer actively maintained.

If you are missing a feature that was available in 1.x, please go the new site forum and make a feature request, or vote for an existing one!

OS Type Download Description Type
32- or 64-bit AxCrypt-1.7.3201.0-Setup.exe AxCrypt 1.x Old Setup. Vista or later.
32- or 64-bit AxCrypt-1.7.3180.0-Setup.exe AxCrypt 1.x Old Setup. Last version for XP.
32- or 64-bit AxCrypt2Go.exe AxCrypt 1.x Really Old Limited Portable
32- or 64-bit AxDecrypt.exe AxCrypt 1.x Really Old Limited Portable Decryption Only

How To Verify a Download

The installers and executables are digitally signed with Authenticode by 'Axantum Software AB' or 'AxCrypt AB'. Verify the signature after downloading by right-clicking the file and select 'Properties | Digital Signatures'. Then double-click on the signature and confirm that 'This digital signature is OK' is shown.


Legacy AxCrypt2Go.exe was an install-free simple program allowing you to encrypt and decrypt on the road. The full current version is still recommended for day-to-day use.


Legacy AxDecrypt.exe was an install-free decrypt-only "viewer".