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Welcome to the home of Xecrets File Ez [Beta] and Xecrets File Command Line [Beta], AxCrypt[2] compatible free and premium file encryption software! Using maximum strength AES-256 state of the art encryption, our software will encrypt your files securely and make it super convenient to work with the encrypted files. It's a great alternative to AxCrypt, but also adds new capabilities. We have been doing this for over 20 years, in open source and without any known vulnerabilities. It's perfect for the non-technical desktop user who prefers an easy and simple graphical user interface to professional and secure cryptography as well as for developers looking to integrate file encryption into their own software or their organizations' automated processes using the command line or a software development kit for .NET. It works the same on Windows, macOS and Linux!

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Our file encryption works by taking your files, one by one at your discrection, transforming them into new files with a new file extension and securely wiping and deleting the original. Once encrypted, the files can be safely moved, copied, sent and stored anywhere, even in the cloud. The encryption always follows the file regardless of its location. With our premium features it remains easy to work with encrypted files, automatically temporarily decrypting them to edit, read, listen or view them with the default application and securely re-encrypting them and wiping the temporary afterwards.

If you're familiar with AxCrypt[2], you'll know that it has a long history of success in it's field. You'll probably find that our version is a great alternative to AxCrypt. It's based on the original code from AxCrypt[2] but has been repurposed and rebuilt by the original author, with modern tooling in a new cross platform package for Windows, macOS and now also Linux! Sleeker, slimmer and more streamlined for desktop users for free, or with premium features at a low cost, as well as a brand new fully featured free open source command line tool for script and software integration by developers and advanced users! All 100% compatible with AxCrypt.

In addition to the file encryption software, Axantum is available for independent IT contracting, specializing in cryptography, performance optimization, high availability high transaction systems, advanced troubleshooting and all things hard and difficult within the .NET technology stack.

For historical reasons we also keep available a modern pre-built binary of the legacy version 1.7.x AxCrypt[2] software, recompiled with updated tooling and renamed to Xecrets File Classic. Finally, there's some other legacy but still useful software and documents.

Software and Services

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Check out our AxCrypt compatible software for Linux, Windows and macOs!

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Advanced development and architecture in .NET.

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Making things go really fast in .NET.

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Having intermittent impossible to trackdown problems .NET based webs? We can help.

Advanced .NET Software Services

Our specialty skills include

  • Performance optimization
  • High availability high transaction systems
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Cryptography implementations
  • All things hard and difficult within the .NET technology stack
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