Welcome to Axantum Software AB

This is the home of Axantum Software AB and Svante Seleborg, and also serves as a repository for the original AxCrypt[*] 1.x.

Axantum is an independent IT contractor, specializing in performance optimization, high availability high transaction systems, advanced troubleshooting and all things hard and difficult within the .NET technology stack. It is run and owned by me, and I'm the only employee.

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Software and Services


Check out the downloads for some cool software, including file encryption and other related utilities.


Advanced development and architecture in .NET.

Performance Optimization

Making things go really fast in .NET.


Having intermittent impossible to trackdown problems .NET based webs? We can help.

Axantum is an independent IT contractor

Our specialty skills include

  • Performance optimization
  • High availability high transaction systems
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Cryptography impementations
  • All things hard and difficult within the .NET technology stack