Xecrets Cli

Powerful Cryptographic Command Line Toolbox

Xecrets Cli is a powerful open source cryptographic command line toolbox available for macOS, Linux and Windows. File encryption is compatible with AxCrypt[2], in fact it is based on the exact same code, but does not have a graphical user interface as it's been re-engineered into a pure command line tool. For developers and devops it's a perfect complement to Xecrets Ez and AxCrypt[2]. Use cases include automated secure backups to the cloud without the risk of exposing passwords on the server, secure computer to computer file transfer, encrypted file distribution to users who opens the files using the simple desktop app and so much more!

A screenshot of the command line logging function

Text logging

Progress and action text logging to console when used interactively.

A screenshot showing the command line logging

JSON logging

Progress and action JSON logging for software and script integration.

A screenshot of the command line tool about splash text

Used by Xecrets Ez

Performs all cryptographic operations for Xecrets Ez.

Advanced and flexible command line options

Extensive set of operations available from the command line, suitable to be used interactively directly by an advanced user, or from scripts and even directly from .NET software.

  • Available for macOS, Linux and Windows
  • Absolutely no Internet access required or used
  • AxCrypt compatible file encryption
  • Open source GPL license
  • Public github repository with issue tracker and discussions
  • Prebuilt binaries available
  • Plain text logging for interactive or scripting use
  • JSON logging for programmatic integration
  • Arbitrary number of options, processed in order for compound operations
  • Reading of commands from files or environment variables
  • Xecrets.Sdk nuget package
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A screenshot of the command line tool help display