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It's quite easy to perform a purchase and install the license, but there are a few manual steps, explained below. The reason for this is that it's an absolute requirement that the software itself does not have the capability or need to connect to the Internet. For your security and peace of mind thus, we must ask you to manually get the license from the payment provider and then copy/paste or drag'n'drop the license to the software. Knowing that our software will never talk to anything over the Internet, we think you'll find this little extra step worth the effort!

This is why we can't have the software just get the license from the server by itself, like many other softwares do. It's a matter of security.

How to buy and install a Xecrets File Ez or Command Line license

Follow these simple instructions when doing purchasing your license. The actual license is a string of encoded data, a few hundred characters long and can be downloaded as a file or copy/pasted into the software.

Xecrets File Command Line

The process is the same as described above for Xecrets File Ez [Beta], except that instead of copy/pasting the license into the application, you download the license in the form of a text file, and then place that text file in the same directory as the Xecrets File Command Line [Beta] executable.

What you're paying for

Xecrets File Ez [Beta] and Xecrets File Command Line [Beta] are licensed differently, and what you are paying for when doing a purchase differs, but the process is similar. See below for details.

About Ez Licensing

You need to acquire a license to use Xecrets File Ez [Beta]. You can always try it in restricted mode for free, and all license subsriptions starts with a free unrestricted trial period. When you have a license for Xecrets File Ez [Beta], a download subscription for Xecrets File Command Line [Beta] is always included.

About Command Line Licensing

No license is required for Xecrets File Command Line [Beta], it's licensed under GPL. However, in order to use our prebuilt and tested binaries, we do ask that you get a download subscription, which gives you the right to use our build. Without a download subscription valid for the build, Xecrets File Command Line [Beta] is limited to encrypt files smaller than 1 MB. You can always get the sources and tools and build your own free of all restrictions.

This option is primarily intended for companies and organizations wanting to integrate encryption and decryption into their automatic processes, and is thus priced a little higher than Xecrets File Ez [Beta] which is targeted at personal use on the desktop.

Without a valid license or download subscription, Xecrets File Ez [Beta] and Xecrets File Command Line [Beta] are limited to only encrypt files smaller than 1 MB. Attempting to encrypt larger files will in this case result in an error message.

Frequently Asked Questions

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