Boxcryptor Migration


Boxcryptor was a fairly popular and easy-to-use file encryption service, specifically targeting local encryption of cloud storage providers.

It had a lot of features for businesses, teams and and other advanced scenarios. Much of this required the use of their own data centers and servers (just like current AxCrypt which also to a large degree is dependent on servers in a data center).

The shutdown

After Dropbox acquired key assets, Boxcryptor first said that existing customers would not be affected, only the ability to start new accounts was ended.

Then after some time, it was announced that Boxcryptor will completely shutdown. This is what they write:

"When the cancellation period is over, the corresponding accounts will be locked and the connected devices will be disconnected. 30 days later, all data and keys stored with us will be deleted. Please make sure that you have decrypted your data and exported your keys by the end of the cancellation period." (Our emphasis)

So what they are saying is that if you don't decrypt your data in time, you may lose it!

There is a link to a page with information on how to leave Boxcryptor. The gist of this is "To migrate away from Boxcryptor, you will have to decrypt all your files to keep access to them.".

The problem

First of all, if you're actively using Boxcryptor, you're forced to move away.

More importantly - if you don't do exactly what they say, you risk losing your data!

Please note, this situation can never arise with Xecrets Ez or any other of our encryption products. There are no servers, no data stored anywhere but on your devices, and the key piece of software Xecrets Cli is open source and published on github and it won't go away anytime soon. As long as you have a copy of the single executable to run the software, know the password and have a macOS, Linux or Windows device to run it on, you will always have access to your data. You will never ever lose data because we shut down our operations.

The solution

So, the takeway from all this - beware becoming dependent on someones' data centers to decrypt your data.

We think Xecrets Ez is very good candidate when you are forced away from Boxcryptor, it's cost effective, it runs on all major desktop platforms and it is entirely independent of any data centers to function and the cryptographic heavy lifting is done by open source publically available software.

Store your files in the cloud, not your access keys and always have local backup copies!

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