Xecrets Ez

Easy Strong Free Desktop File Encryption

Encryption made easier.

Xecrets Ez is an easy to use free personal desktop application available for macOS, Linux and Windows. For more information, see the feature overview and the help page.

Languages supported include English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Português brasileiro and Svenska.

It will encrypt any file to a new file, wiping the original and as a premium feature also allowing you to work with encrypted files almost as easily as before encrypting them.

It is 100% compatible with AxCrypt, in fact it is based on the exact same core code, but is less complex and is entirely focused on delivering the main functionality needed without the bells and whistles and having no requirement for server or Internet access, it works entirely locally on your computer. For personal daily use it's a great alternative to AxCrypt[2]!

While the free version is sufficient for many needs, a premium subscription unlocks a number of features that make working with files more convenient and add additional capabilities.

A screenshot of Ez operations

Simple operations

Encrypt, decrypt or open files for editing and re-encryption with a click.

A screenshot of Ez open close function

Re-encrypt with a click

When finished with editing an encrypted file, close the editing application and re-encrypt with click (premium).

A screenshot of Ez drag'n'drop window

Copy/Paste & Drag/Drop

Support for intelligent drag'n'drop (Windows only) or copy/paste operations.

Simple and Compact User Interface

All features are directly found as quick access buttons and in regular menus. Drag'n'drop (Windows only), and copy/paste also works.

  • Available for macOS, Linux and Windows
  • Absolutely no Internet access required or used
  • Completely AxCrypt compatible, but faster
  • Free full-strength encryption/decryption
  • YubiKey support
  • Cloud service compatible
  • Encrypted files always stay encrypted
  • Low cost premium subscription
  • All cryptography performed by open source GPL Xecrets Cli
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A screenshot of ez