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Command Line Free

For individuals or organizations with developer skills and tools working from the command line

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  • Get the source
  • Get the tools
  • Build it yourself
  • Maintain it yourself
  • Support it yourself
  • Use as you like

Ez License Subscription

For individuals securing files on the desktop or from the command line

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€15 incl. VAT/year

  • Ready to go
  • 7 day unlimited trial included
  • Xecrets File Ez [Beta] license for a year
  • Email support
  • Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Use as you like

Command Line Download Subscription

For organizations integrating encryption into their processes or software

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€100 +VAT/year

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No purchases yet!

You can't buy Xecrets File Ez [Beta] and Xecrets File Command Line [Beta] yet, we're running a beta program though.

Vist our [Beta] information page if you're interested in applying to become a beta tester.

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What's in the package?

Xecrets File is divided into two major components, shipped as two separate executables with different terms.

Xecrets File Ez [Beta] is the desktop app that most users will be using, with a graphical user interface for Windows, Linux and macOS. It's proprietary and requires a license to use. The license is a yearly renewable subscription. If the license expires without renewal certain restrictions may apply, but you will always be able to decrypt your previously encrypted files.

Xecrets File Command Line [Beta] is the component doing the heavy lifting, where all the actual cryptography takes place. As the name implies, it's a command line utility. It can be used manually at the command line, in scripts native to the respective platforms, such as PowerShell on Windows or bash on Linux and macOS. It can also be called entirely programmatically from any .NET program using a SDK that will be available publically at a later date, which is what Xecrets File Ez [Beta] does.

Xecrets File Command Line [Beta] is licensed under the GPL which means it's free software. Nevertheless, if you use our builds downloadable from here, we ask that you pay for the download either by way of a personal license, or if you are an organization, a download subscription. The subscription is renewable per year, and will allow you to download updates that are built during the validity period of the subscription. If the subscription expires, certain restrictions may apply. See below for the philosophy behind this.

For both Xecrets File Command Line [Beta] and Xecrets File Ez [Beta], the only restriction when running without a valid subscription is the size of files that can be encrypted, which is limited to 1 MB.

If you sign up for a subscription a full unlimited trial for 7 days is included, and you can always cancel within the 7 day period and then you will not be charged anything. If you forget to cancel or for any other reason would like a refund, we will do so with no questions asked. Within reason of course... Please contact support, we'd appreciate if you let us know why you want the refund, but you don't have to provide a reason.

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Why Pay For Free Software?

Xecrets File Command Line [Beta] is free software. Really. But it's free as in "free speech", more than as in "free beer". It's more a matter of liberty, not price. Read more about the philosophy here.

Therefore, we kindly ask that you purchase your download of the ready-built software here.

This will help us to continue develop, maintain and support the software. You are of course always free to exercise your freedoms after you have downloaded it. You can also download the source code instead and build your own copy to do with as you will within the limits of the GPL license, free of any charge except your time and patience.

Xecrets File Ez [Beta], the desktop app for simple encryption on a computer is not free though, and does require a license subscription to use fully.