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Current Xecrets File Encryption 1.7.x

Xecrets File Encryption 1.7.x is a renamed and recompiled current version of the original AxCrypt[*] 1.7.x software. It is functionally equivalent to the last 1.7-version of AxCrypt, 1.7.3233, but is built with updated tooling and dependencies. If you have AxCrypt 1.7.x installed and running on a Windows version that is later than XP, you may uninstall it and install this version instead.

AxCrypt is a EU trademark of AxCrypt AB, and this software has nothing to do with the products of AxCrypt AB, except some interoperability. Their product AxCrypt 2.x can decrypt files encrypted with Xecrets File Encryption 1.7.x . Please be aware that Xecrets File Encryption 1.7.x is provided by us, Axantum Software AB. We are not affilitated with AxCrypt AB in any way.


The original AxCrypt 1.7.x file encryption program with it's new name Xecrets File Encryption 1.7.x .

Xecrets File 1.7.x Source

The source code repository at github for Xecrets File Encryption 1.7.x .

Older Legacy AxCrypt Versions

These older versions are retained here as a historic archive, in the case the need should ever arise for someone to use them. They should not be confused with any versions of AxCrypt provided by AxCrypt AB.


Legacy version of AxCrypt 1.x, last version for Windows XP.


Legacy version of AxCrypt 1.x, last version for Windows 95/98/ME/2000.


Old, but recompiled as part of Xecrets File Encryption, limited install-free version for decryption only of AxCrypt 1.x files.


Old, but recompiled as part of Xecrets File Encryption, limited install-free version of AxCrypt 1.x .

A really, really fast file copier and checksummer

A command line program for MD5 checksumming and huge file copying in a single cpp source file.

It's a very, very fast file copier specifically optimized for RAID and SAN environments where there are many active disks. It uses asynchronous I/O to schedule the number of simultaneous requests that you specify, using the buffer size that you specify. With correct parameters it can speed up file copying speed in such environments significantly compared to drag and drop in Windows or COPY or XCOPY. As an extra bonus the MD5 checksum can be calculated on the fly, and optionally used to verify the file actually written to the destination.


Defaults to copy files very quickly, optionally calculating MD5 and optionally verifying the copy.


Defaults to calculate the MD5 of a single file with no copying done.


Defaults to just display the MD5 of one or more files.

Older source code

Here are some source code downloads for the softwares above.

The source code for AxCrypt 1.7.3180 as a zip-file.

The source code for a simple offline password manager, using files compatible with the AxCrypt password manager. You can download the password data from the AxCrypt server and use this software to read the data offline. It's a good last resort backup if the server is unavailable for some reason temporarily or permanently.


The source code for the really, really fast file copier and checksummer above in a single C++ source file.


Assorted documents and documentation related to the softwares.


The technical description of an AxCrypt 1.x encrypted file.


The technical description of an AxCrypt 2.x encrypted file.


A white paper about encryption with a short introduction to AES, the most common algorithm for current implementations of information encryption, including some relevant comments and observations on encryption in general as applicable to AES.


A white paper describing the implementation and tools for building cryptographically strong software licensing codes and schemes based on shortened elliptic curve signatures.

A package of relevant RFC's, standards and AxCrypt documentation.